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Krisp Beverages has evolved from humble beginnings as a downtown grocer into a San Diego destination for craft beer, wine and spirits. My name is Eric Cripe and  I have recently joined the team from San Francisco, bringing my ten years of fine wine, beer and spirits experience and more than a thousand successful beverage catering consultations with me.

What  we can offer you:

  •     Expert food and beverage pairings for both beer and wine
  •     Signature cocktails
  •     The ability to source ANY beer,  spirit or wine distributed in our market
  •     Quantity estimations backed by years of experience and a guarantee against
  •     Beer, wine and/or spirits expert available to pour and run a tasting bar at event.
  •     Completely eliminate the headache of coordinating your clients’ beverage needs
  •     Delivery to the catering facility before event and pick-up of excess product after
  •     A partner whose desire to fulfill your clients’ needs is as strong as your own.


We carry more than 2000 beers and more than 1000 wines and spirits. We would, of course, be more than happy to source any product for you that is available in our market regardless of whether or not it is an item we stock, however, our guarantee against over-purchases does not extend to special order items. 

Beverage consultations are available over the phone, via email and in person. You or your caterer will deal directly with me and I will handle all ordering and delivery logistics. I am available Tuesday and Thursday 11:30AM-6:30PM, Wednesday and Friday 1:30PM-11:30PM and Saturday 1:30PM-8:30PM. 

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself and Krisp Beverages. I look forward to hearing from you


Eric Cripe


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