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Bogdanjuša Hvar Carić 2015

From the importer:

The Bogdanjuša comes from the Ager vineyards within the UNESCO protected Stari Grad Plain and near the town of Jelsa. As mentioned above, this agrarian network of small plots in the Stari Grad Plain have been maintained as the Greeks left it in the 4th Century B.C. As you walk around these 900 by 180 meter rock walled plots, it’s a conscious polyculture of the islands riches and the Carić family is extremely proud to a part of the lineage. Due to the diversity of flora and fauna, the grapes don’t fall pray to monoculture threats and the risk is further mitigated across many different sites. They also grow Maraština, Kuč, and Pošip in addition to Bogdanjuša

Grapes are hand harvested and sorted. After cold soaking for roughly half a day depending upon the vintage, the grapes are pressed off into INOX for fermentation. Malolactic fermentation is not encouraged and the wines are bottled in early Spring.

Bogdanjuša means “a godsend” (Bogom dana), and is traditionally used during church holidays and festivities. It’s also inherently a festive wine with brightness, brininess, and not being too heavy on the palate. Left unchecked, it can be a high yielding and produce fun albeit simple wine, but farmed well and cropped back, the sea air and fruit come to life. Fermented in stainless steel and designed to drink while the Plavac Mali matures. Indigenous to the island, it’s achieved that magic balance between ripeness and acidity without needing adjusting in the cellar. Locals drink it with a seafood stew called “Forska­Gregoda” chock full of Mediterranean herbs, olive oil and onions. This is a recipe so old that it predates the New World, meaning no tomatoes or potato traditionally. Whole baked fish with herbs and lemon also does the trick.


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