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Folk Machine Film & Camera Redwood Valley Valdiguie 2014

From the winemaker:

We have been crushing Valdiguié for close to a decade now. Something about the variety and its uncertain California history have always intrigued me. The wine that we were originally producing was good, interesting and unique, but always more of a blender so we made a wine that we called The Long Drive which was generally 25% Valdiguié.

Beginning in 2009, we started bottling Valdiguié as a single variety. I think we sort of figured out the grape which helped, but we have also had a few really good growing years to learn that lower sugar with long hang time is the trick and we are lucky to get that. It is hard to be an expert on Valdiguié because there just isn’t that much of it around to taste. With that said, I always feel the need to say that this 70 year old vineyard is heavily virussed which I believe to be a big contributor to the style and flavor of the wine. That is to say, this wine may not be that varietally correct. The vineyard is consistent, but it may be more consistent with itself than the variety. On the same note, I doubt that we would be able to hang fruit into October and sometimes November and pick at 19.0˚brix if the vines weren’t virussed.

Some years, more than others, the virus shows itself. 2014 was a heavy virus expressing year, affecting ripening,sugar accumulation, and acid respiration. The acid at harvest was very high and the Malolactic did little to soften it. That said, it is wonderful and a true expression of the site and the vintage. Like the 2013, It has the brightness of Gamay, maybe even the seriousness of Cru Beaujolais, but also an earthy grounded feeling that reminds me of Trousseau Noirs.

The Label was created by my long-time design accomplice, Landon Dowlen Each year we put a new camera on the label and they are all from a collection of working and not working cameras that Landon hordes.


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