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Robert Sinskey Abraxas Scintilla Sonoma Vineyard Los Carneros Vin de Terrior 2013

From the winemaker:

Pop the glass top (or the cork on the magnums) to be greeted with fresh pippin and pear with subtle almond and lychee aromas. The structure, texture and style is reminiscent of the Old World with a bright, tight-knit mineral quality. The wine has nice weight in the mid-palate with flavors that mimic the aroma with the addition of crisp peach, lime and a hint of melon rind. The flavors and textures magically come together for a satisfyingly long finish. Delicious!

This year’s crop of Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Gewürztraminer, from RSV’s organically farmed Scintilla Sonoma Vineyard, was beautiful and bountiful. The 2013 crush came early, starting in mid-August with the Gewürztraminer and ending at the beginning of October with the Riesling. It was a picture-perfect harvest, the grapes queueing up to be picked in orderly fashion. Done in six weeks with Sundays off. It was all so shockingly civilized.

The night picked grapes arrived cold and fresh at the cellar door every morning where each variety and vineyard block was delicately whole-cluster pressed and went through a long, cool fermentation in stainless fermenters to preserve the vibrant fresh fruit and citrus character.
The individual wines were then blended by taste to reflect the unique character of the vintage.

Abraxas - The Meaning

Besides being the name of Carlos Santana’s classic album of the seventies, Abraxas has many mystical and philosophical meanings. A few thousand years before the invention of the electric guitar, the Gnostic Basilideans believed in the all powerful Abraxas, the god of the 365 heavens. Abraxas was the embodiment of all things good and evil and the overseer of the year. However, the individual letters of Abraxas were also thought to symbolize the seven classic planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. If you apply isopsephy to the Greek lettering of ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ and add up the number values of the letters (Α=1, Β=2, Ρ=100, Α=1, Σ=200, Α=1, Ξ=60) the sum is 365. And then there is Carl Jung… who wrote about Abraxas in the Seven Sermons to the Dead where he argues that by chasing an ideal we ignore our true nature which is distinctiveness and only by accepting the good with the bad can we define our character. “It is the delight of the earth and the cruelty of the heavens ... It is the operation of distinctiveness.”

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