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Stolpman La Cuadrilla Ballard Canyon 2013

From the winemaker:

This year’s blend bursts with deep, dark Syrah aroma lifted with pure red berry Grenache notes. The touch of Sangiovese and Petite Sirah both lend a solid tannic backbone. In the mouth, the wine gains complexity from the youthful primary fruit flavors – baking spice and leather.

Stolpman Vineyards gives the profits from the Cuadrilla red blend back to our passionate, full-time vineyard crew. The core of the wine is harvested from the crew’s Cuadra, a vineyard block that Ruben Solorzano gives the crew ‘la cuadrilla’ each year to encourage proactive farming and decision making. Sashi Moorman then blends more of the estate’s wine into Cuadrilla, ensuring the wine accounts for at least 10% of our production each year. La Cuadrilla symbolizes our dedication at Stolpman to sustainable year-round employment rather than reliance on migrant labor.

Because Ruben rotates the training Cuadra each year to keep the crew members engaged and learning different trellising systems and varietals, the Cuadrilla wine’s varietal makeup naturally changes each year. Our Creative Director Kari Crist designs a new black and white label each year to package the unique cuvee. Here are her thoughts on this year’s label design:

Limestone. The calcium rich soil that sky rockets ordinary Vitis Vinifera into rock star status. Limestone. The soil that directed Tom Stolpman to his family’s legacy on Ballard Canyon. Limestone. The only dirt worthy of gettin’ its picture ‘on the cover of the rollin’ stone,’ no wait… excuse the second rock star analogy, on the cover of the 2013 La Cuadrilla bottle. It’s only fitting that we bring it home, back to the basics – get dirty with La Cuadrilla & their wine. Tom might have had the insight to grow grapes on this rare California outcropping of limestone, but vineyard manager Ruben & his cuadrilla have the skill & resolution to dig, plow, plant & nourish it – free of chemicals & full of intention & heart. Limestone is the cornerstone of the Stolpman biography, the literal foundation of the vineyard & the conversation amongst great winemakers world-wide.

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